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Sponsor the football match Seville and Spanish

2022-07-04 00:01Football score
Summary: Which teams in the European Football League this season are sponsored by Chinese sports brandsThis year, Chinese sports brands have widely penetrated into European football. Three clubs such as Villar
Which teams in the European Football League this season are sponsored by Chinese sports brands
This year, Chinese sports brands have widely penetrated into European football. Three clubs such as Villarreal, Seville and Spaniard in La Liga have signed contracts with two domestic brands, Tebu or Li Ning. The Premier League Birmingham also signed a shirt sponsorship cooperation agreement with Tebu the year before lastThe problem of soliciting sponsorship for football matches
A few basic points! Time, place, activity process, activity highlights, scope of participants. Then there is the publicity (the most important thing is that no one will be stupid and throw money away for nothing). By the way, there are also the ways and projects you want the other party to investHow to solicit sponsorship for football matches
Aren't there many top 500 enterprises there? For example, Samsung (one of the companies most willingSponsor the football match  Seville and Spanish to spend money on advertising) Then, go to small and medium-sized enterprises But it depends on whether your team has strength or influence For example, a small team Like an amateur team Then you can find the largest restaurants, hotels and other entertainment places in Suzhou to solicit sponsorshipSponsors of the world cup
Here, I would like to thank Mr. Miao Liansheng and Yingli Green Energy's team for your sponsorship of the World Cup football match and your efforts in helping us practice 'creating a better future and improving the living environment'. " According to the agreement, Yingli Green energy will enjoy some ticketsHow many international sponsors support the world cup
The sponsors of this world cup are basically regular sponsors of global sports events, such as Gillette, MasterCard, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Philips, etc. Internet giant Yahoo! Plays the role of FIFA's website partnerWhat is the official football sponsor used by FIFA at present
In addition, since the 1970 World Cup, adidas has become the designated sponsor of FIFA's official ball, and has provided match balls for every subsequent WorlSponsor the football match  Seville and Spanishd Cup. Adidas also sponsors many sports teams, such as some well-known football teams and rugby teams, as well as the NBA. The national football teams designed by Adidas include China and Hong KongWhich enterprises will sponsor the football match
Rich and powerful banks, PetroChina, petrochemical, real estate development, construction companies, department store and retail enterprises
Publicity methods of football sponsorship
First, hold a press conference and invite reporters and media. Sponsors and team management should attend, and it iSponsor the football match  Seville and Spanishs best to call a few big stars. Secondly, organize charSponsor the football match  Seville and Spanishity competitions, and invite entertainment stars and fans to participate, so as to promote the team and sponsor the brand, and all the proceeds will be donated to charities. In a wordWhich rich sponsors do you know in football
On May 29, 2012, Beijing Hyundai officially signed a four-year contract with the Chinese Football Association to become the main sponsor of the Chinese team, but that was our underestimate periodWhat benefits can the company get from the sponsorship of football matches
Promote the corporate brand effect of sponsoring the competition. It's more practical to spend the least money to form an advertising effect in a certain area than to send leaflets, especially in competitions broadcast by TV stations
Sponsor the football match Seville and Spanish

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